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Adam Craveiro
7 min readJun 22, 2022
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Last fall I started working as a content writer for a tech company that specializes in composable commerce. For the uninitiated, the idea behind composable commerce is that brands can build their own commerce platform by choosing the best commerce components (e.g. POS system, search, product and catalog management, promotions, customer experience, etc.) that suit their unique business needs. The opposite of this would be an all-in-one commerce platform like Shopify, which provides everything for you at the expense of customization, flexibility, scalability, etc.

Coming from a non-technical, non-retail background, I was faced with a steep learning curve — but as I got used to the demands of my new role and started to understand the work we do, I started see gaps and form connections in my own life. Like the clients I was writing content for, I wanted to curate my own suite of apps from which I could develop better workflows and build healthier habits. But before I did that, I needed to become aware of my obstacles and needs.



My organizational skills and ability to focus have been inconsistent at best. Professionally, this might manifest as a feeling of anxiety when looking at a blank screen (an occupational hazard for writers) or going down a labyrinthine rabbit hole when conducting research. How I began reading about customer data platforms and ended up reading about how to make my own kombucha I’ll never know. Personally, this often results in me double-booking myself, forgetting to do things, or impulsively taking up new hobbies. Check out my article on ADHD if you want to know more.

A fragmented writing system

It’s never occurred to me to have all of my notes and writing consolidated in one place. I’ve flip-flopped between analog writing (e.g. bullet journaling) and using different apps. I’m all for using a hybrid method of analog and digital writing depending on one’s mood or needs, but I never established a proper workflow that would help me find/retrieve content, facilitate version control, or understand why I wrote a particular note in the first place. The incomplete “Remember to” in my Apple Notes will forever haunt me. REMEMBER WHAT, ADAM?!

Lack of commitment and…

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